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Tips for Successful Usage

Entering a hypnotic trance is easy since it is a natural state of mind. A hypnotic trance feels very similar to the type of deep concentration you experience when working hard or just zoning out. You can expect your trance to feel similar only your focus will be directed inward. Obviously you should eliminate as many distractions as possible. As long as you let yourself zone out while you're watching the videos, it should be easy for you to enter a hypnotic trance. One thing to keep in mind is that you don't need to keep your eyes open. In some videos I do give instructions regarding eye closure but not in all of them. So unless I command otherwise, I recommend you just let your eyes close naturally if they get tired. This is just something to help you relax. You can be hypnotized with your eyes open but for some people it can become uncomfortable.

Whenever using hypnosis it's best to get as comfortable as possible because relaxation and comfort make it easier to drift into trance. You are perfectly free to adjust yourself whenever necessary to stay comfortable while you're being hypnotized. Being comfortable helps you maintain your trance focus so adjusting yourself can often deepen a trance. It also helps to take slow deep relaxing breaths similar to those used in yoga or meditation as you being watching a video. This can help to clear your head and relax your body a bit so that you're ready to enter trance more quickly.

You may also want to set an alarm in case of extremely deep trance. Although you can't get "stuck" in trance, sometimes people do reject awakening commands when enjoying the feeling of really deep trance. This is harmless and you will awaken on your own but you might spend more time in trance than planned. There are other times when people just fall asleep after their deepest trances. So setting an alarm is extra insurance that you wake up when planned.

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