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Hypnosis Sample Recordings

Basic Sample Induction
This sample induction will introduce you to the feeling of trance and my personal style of hypnotism. It also contains hypnotic commands to help you enter a deeper hypnotic trance more quickly for me. This recording works best when used with one of my hypnotic animations and will help you prepare for a live hypnosis session with me.

 Download my Basic Sample Induction Mp3 File   Listen to my Basic Sample Induction Online 

Flash Based Sample Induction
This an alternate flash based version of my Basic Sample Induction. Since a spinning spiral is embeded in the mp3 player you do not need to use it with one of my animations.

 Sample Induction Flash Player 

Ladies Hypnogasm
Ladies, experience a hypnogasm yourself! This audio recording is designed especially for women. It will first put you into a nice deep trance and then use a bit of fantasy visualization where you can picture whatever romantic scene and fantasy lover you would like to help put you in the mood. I then use the power of hypnotic suggestion to give you a mind blowing orgasm.
Since I am also using this to help prepare women for live trance with me you are given suggestions to enter trance for me more quicky and a post hypnotic suggestion to orgasm on my command.This recording works best when used with one of my hypnotic animations.

Warning: This recording is not for men, do not use it if you are anotomically male. Do not come crying to me if you experience feminizing or other side effects due to my explicit references to female anatomy, consider it punishment for your disobedience.

 Download my Ladies Hypnogasm Mp3 File   Listen to my Ladies Hypnogasm Mp3 File Online