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When you contact me you want to make the best impression possible. Here are some basic guidlines to help you make a good impression. Be courteous and considerate whenever you contact me. My time is valuable slave, be respectful Do Not waste it. Be explicit and detailed regarding whatever it is you seek and do not contact me for frivolous reasons. Do not ask me for information already posted on my websites. Use google‘s advanced search feature to search my website before asking me questions.

I often receive offers for personal servitude. If you have a particular talent or skill it is permissible to indicate your availability for specific servile functions. However, I will be the one to decide if and when I want to use you. Do not ask to be a live-in or domestic servant such requests will automatically be denied. I do not invite strangers into my home. Do not ask to be a dungeon maid or receptionist. Since I rent Mistress Elizabeth's dungeon I do not need anyone to clean or answer dungeon phones.

Send Email to evilena@hypnosis.st

Leave Me Voicemail at (954)-703-1057
   Note: this number is for voice mail only. It connects you to my voice messaging service and it is not a telephone number I can answer. If you want to speak to me you must leave a contact name, telephone number, and purpose for calling and I will call you back at my earliest convenience. Also be sure to indicate whether or not I can leave a message or if there are any special discretionary measures you want me to take such as leaving a false name.

Mail Letters, Payments, and Parcels to:
3334 Rochester Rd.
Box# 174
Troy, MI 48083

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