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Hypnosis Audio Recordings

These recordings are perfect for those of you unable to serve me in person and provide a potent compliment to live and telephone training. My hypnosis recordings allow for a variety of training options. From simple fantasy exploration to serious slave training there are prerecorded tracts covering a wide range of female domination and BDSM themes. Hypnosis recordings have the unique benefit of providing repetetive commands and suggestions. This allows you to progress in your training to better respond to triggers and commands or simply enter deeper trances and experience more intense fantasies. Often times post hypnotic suggestions can fade over time and recordings make it very easy to refresh these.
Whether you are seeking to serve me or better serve dominant women in general, I have recordings that will suit your needs. If you wnat something unique and personal then order a Custom Recording. This is also an excellent option for you to expand on or refine your submissive training. By ordering custom recordings on a regular basis and giving me feedback on your experiences you can keep your training fresh and exciting. Every time you listen to my hypnotic voice you will be put into a trance and brought to a deeper level of enslavement. This extends my reach to slaves all over the world so your submission to me isn't limited by geography.

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