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General Enslavement Hypnosis Recording

My General Hypnotic Enslavement recording contains commands that train you to worship and serve and obey me. Every time you listen to it you will be put into a trance and brought to a deeper level of enslavement to me. At 50 minutes long with a 20 minute induction this is the longest hypnosis recording that I am offering. This is the perfect compliment to my Fantasy Hypnosis recordings. With a lengthy induction this recording can train you to enter very deep trances for me. When looped with my other recordings this allows for a deeper and more intense hypnotic experiences.

General Hypnotic Enslavement is approximately 50 minutes long, costs $35 and downloaded in MP3 format or burned onto a CD. It is eligible for discount when ordered with other hypnosis audio recordings. For CD orders, you shall add $5 shipping to any order sent to the United States and $16 shipping to orders sent outside of the United States.

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