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Fantasy Hypnosis Audio Recordings

Unlike traditional female domination fantasy recordings I've added a very special twist. By use of my hypnotic powers I will allow you to experience a virtual session at my dungeon. Using hypnosis will give you a much more intense fantasy experience than simple voice files. Putting you into a hypnotic trance allows you a somewhat dreamlike experience and more intense visualization of the scene. Feel your submission to me now slave.
I must warn that for highly suggestible people, these files will be very intense. Of course the depth of your trance will vary with both personal suggestibility and use. I make no guarantees on results because some slaves ignore my instructions or become too excited to enter a trance. You must learn to relax and thereby intensify your own trances.
With the great success of my Custom hypnosis recordings, I noticed that many of my audio recordings have very similar themes. These pre-recorded tracks are designed to cover many of these common themes. Because these audio tracks are pre-recorded I am able to sell them at a much lower price than I sell my Custom recordings and I can price them in a way will allow you to order multiple tracks.

Fantasy Hypnosis Categories

Each file is a stand alone hypnotic experience and includes its own induction. You are welcome to suggest additional fantasies on two conditions: 1. They must appeal to a broad audience, 2. You must order your suggested fantasy. I reserve the right to reject any and all slave suggestions.

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