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I am an accomplished hypnotist and true Hypnotic Goddess. My interest in hypnosis began when I was a child. I was something of a prodigy and a successful hypnotist by the age of ten. Go to my stories page for details. Since I have used this skill for most of my life hypnotism comes naturally and I have my own unique and melodic sound. I have been using hypnosis for erotic mind control and BDSM since 2000.

My years of experience and success speak for themselves and of course my skills and experience as a professional dominatrix give me that special kinky edge. People often try to imitate me so don‘t let some pallid imitation confuse you with the real deal. I am the inspiration behind all those Evilena Stories in the Erotic Mind Control Archive and the reason hypnodomination has been popularized from it‘s obscure origins.

Despite it‘s mystical origins hypnosis is now an accepted science and as a former scientist I am uniquely qualifies to explore it‘s uses. Your mind ultimately controls every response you have to external stimulus and I am an expert at exploring and manipulating those connections. Imagine how deep your surrender will be when I can make you feel an orgasm with only the sound of my voice and the power of hypnotic suggestion.

For those of you not fortunate enough to live in South Florida, it can be impractical for you to experience my hypnotic gifts in person. To overcome this limitation I offer Telephone Sessions by appointment. Sometimes I am available on short notice but to ensure my availability I recommend you contact me at least 12 hours in advance. To extend my control around the world, I have also created a multitude of hypnosis recordingsfor you slaves. Since repetition enhances the potency of hypnotic suggestions recommend the use of recordings for all serious submissives.

I have a General Training recording to transform you into a better slave for me. This enslaves you to me and trains you to worship me as your goddess. It also has a nice long induction for even the most restless of servants and trains you to enter trances more quickly and deeply for me. It is an excellent primer for my Fantasy hypnosis recordings where you can indulge your kinky fantasies of submission to me. My Fantasy Hypnosis recordings are designed to act as a virtual session, and can involve activities that are too dangerous or impossible to experience any other way. I entrance you to make your listening fantasy more intense and realistic. Of course topical slave training is available though my Hypnotically Enforced Female Domination recordings. These are designed to encourage and develop your submissive tendencies to all dominant women. I have made them general so that other mistresses can also use these recordings to to train their slaves. Although technically geared for submission to "your mistress" when combined with my General Training recording they naturally train you to serve me.

To provide ongoing and personal training I have Custom Hypnosis recordings which are custom recorded from beginning to end. These are carefully edited to ensure maximum potency and are designed to work best with repetition. When you order a Custom Recording you will be required to fill out a detailed order form. I use custom recordings to provide personal post hypnotic suggestions, fantasies and as a form of remote servitude. You can choose almost any topic to explore with Custom Recordings as long as it places women on top.

My hypnosis recordings are designed to be used with one of the hypnotic spiral animations on my website. If you are unable to watch my spinning spiral you can still use my recordings. Most people can substitute an alternative animation or a candle without a problem. You can also use the recordings without watching anything at all. In this instance I advise you to watch the spiral until you can fully imagine its motion. Then listen to me lying down with your eyes closed. Of course you can request inductions using personalized imagery, style and length with my Custom Recordings. I want you to be as deeply entranced as possible for your hypnotic training.

In addition to audio hypnosis I have many Hypnosis Slave Training Videos and videos of my using Hyponodomination. For some people video hypnosis works much more strongly than audio hypnosis...at least at first. After a while you will find my hypno voice entrancing under almost any circumstances. For those few people who have had trouble surrendering to hypnosis I recommend Deepening Submission. This Video like many of my videos features a special hypnotic backdrop which is synchronized to the theta wave frequency of the hypnotized brain. This greatly enhances the potency of the induction and can help you overcome any barriers to hypnosis. Of course the ability to enter hypnotic trance is part surrender and part learned so once you have your first deep trance it‘s much easier to surrender to other induction styles.

Unlike most erotic hypnotists I am available for Live Hypnosis and Physical Domination(BDSM) sessions. Individually I would say live hypnosis tends to be best since it is interactive. I enjoy combining hypnosis with physical domination for transformations such as furniture, humiliation, forced feminization etc. and for sensory play. I find slaves much more entertaining when under my mind control. Hypnosis can also be used to enhance sessions by increasing memory or pain tolerance, servility etc.

You must submit my Session Application and schedule and appointment to see me in person. I also require 24 hours advance notice and request that you list a block of available times to avoid scheduling conflicts. If you are interested in a purely hypnotic session be clear about this and write details about your hypnotic interests in the section designated other. I recommend advanced preparation for all hypnosis sessions. If you own some of my recordings you should listen to them to prepare for your session, otherwise you can use my free Sample Induction. The more often you are hypnotized the more responsive you become to hypnosis and hypnotic suggestions. The ideal training program contains live hypnosis for the interactivity and recorded hypnosis for the repetition.

      You will love serving me
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