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Custom Hypnosis Recording

Completely Custom Hypnosis Recordings. You provide me with an outline of the goals of the recording which can be anything from Slave Training to Fantasy Exploration to Self Help. Just about anything your twisted little mind can come up with. Nor are these recordings limited to enslavement to me, I also produce custom recordings for other Mistresses and their slaves, lifestyle couples etc. There are some limits though, I will not do anything involving sex with me and or abuse with children or animals. I also will not make scripted recordings or recordings for male tops. Other than that feel free to let mind go to what ever dark mental caverns you want to explore. This is also a perfect way to mentally engage in activities that are too dangerous to perform in real life. What you will experience in your mind is an enhanced version of your kinky fantasies. Using these fantasies against you I can deeply enslave you to me if you are brave enough to submit to me completely.
When Ordering Custom Recording make sure you include your outline in the comments section of my order form. If you have any questions or want to write a longer outline than the space permits Contact Me directly.

By default I use the same induction format as with the sample induction on my website. Be sure to write me if you need a different length or style of induction. For example you can request a shorter or longer induction, an induction that is not paired to my spiral animation but uses rhythmic waves as an audio backdrop or modify the imagery used for your trance deepening. If you have an idea you are uncertain about Contact Me directly.

Custom Recordings are at least 30 minutes long, cost $125 and can be downloaded in MP3 format or burned onto CDs. For CD orders, you shall add $5 shipping to any order sent to the United States and $20 shipping to orders mailed outside of the United States.

Custom Recordings require 2-4 weeks for production.

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