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Video Hypnosis Slave Training

Addiction to Evilena

You love it when I make you feel submissive and now I train you to be more submissive than ever. I use an especially powerful induction technique that combines my captivating voice, beauty and the spiral imagery you've been conditioned to respond to. As you watch the spiral spin, you will be gazing deeply into my eyes. You are then trained to be addicted to my voice, an addiction so powerful you will feel withdrawal symptoms. You are my hypnotic robot and need to feel my control. I make this even easier for you by enhancing your responsiveness to my voice and ability to enter trances.

You are programmed receive all pleasure from serving me and must serve me on a regular basis. You are only permitted intense climax if you serve me well, particularly when serving financially. The only safety measures in place are designed to ensure your servitude is discreet and that your addiction will not interfere with your work. Otherwise you are conditioned to have absolute loyalty and a need to work hard for my pleasure. My happiness is your life's goal and you do everything in your power to achieve it.

A Goddess Materialize

Picture yourself lying on the beach, gazing into the starry sky and listening to my voice. This is so very relaxing hearing the ocean waves as my voice carries you away, As you are listening to me, slipping into a deepening trance, you notice a faint glow on the horizon. As your trance deepens, this glow grows stronger until it begins to resolve itself into an image, a giant image of me in my true Goddess form. You sense great power emanating from this ethereal beauty and are filled with a desire to worship and obey me. The prayers I will give you will allow you to reach me and feel my presence. This gives you the ability to serve me dutifully even from afar.

Deepening Submission

This video is focused entirely on hypnosubmission and will allow you to feel my deep hypnotic power. First, I use a slow sensual induction commanding you to gaze deeply into my eyes. You are commanded to mouth the words "I surrender" as you give in to my seductive power sinking deeper and deeper into trance as you do. In addition I have used a background that alternates at the same frequency as the theta waves your brain produces in hypnotic trance. I found myself struggling to remain conscious while producing this video so I know you will be quickly lulled into submission. Once you surrender, I transform you into a witless automaton under my complete control. Control so deep, you will feel helpless as a baby as I force your to wriggle and writhe uncontrollably. Then I freeze you in place and limit your senses as I begin to dominate your mind.

You will feel a need to pledge yourself to me with total devotion and absolute loyalty using the mantra "I belong to you I am your slave." Once you are mine, I want to be sure that you continue to feel my presence, my power and control even after awakening. You are given some very sexy triggers to remind you that you are always under my control. You will feel my presence whenever you strip, and when you feel stressed you will turn to me for comfort and relaxation by watching this video. You are also trained to feel great pride in belonging to me and to display this pride whenever and wherever appropriate. You are commanded to post on fetish message boards "Evilena is my goddess I am her slave" and link to my site to show the world you belong to me. This also brings me pleasure as a display of my control over you and pleasing me has become one of your essential needs. As a last display of power I command you to feel a buildup in arousal for 5 minutes after you awaken. During this time you will be helplessly bound to your building desire that will culminate in intense orgasm.

Epilepsy Warning: This video contains a flashing background.

Developing Subspace

If you want to enter a submissive mindset more rapidly for your mistress then this is the video for you. My primary goal is to help you feel submissive (otherwise known as entering subspace) as quickly as possible during a session with your mistress. This video is designed to hypnotize you so you can learn how to enter subspace on cue. I use theta wave frequencies in the video to help you enter deeper trance but the language patterns and illustrations I use will work regardless of trance depth. Since I believe developing your ability to enter subspace is valuable asset to the entire fetish community this video includes techniques applicable to live and distance training and for serving any mistress.

With this video you are taught to recognize sub space as a type of trance and you will learn to associate entering submissive feelings with certain common session activities like being collared or called slave. I also allow you to choose a unique trigger for entering subspace in sessions so this subspace trigger will be discrete, personal and applicable to you and your mistress. By mentally reciting the phrase "I am your slave Mistress; I submit to you completely" you can also enter subspace when you want to serve outside the dungeon. You can even enhance your endurance or deepen these submissive feelings by breathing deeply as you count from 1-10.

Using this comprehensive blend of training you will find yourself becoming a better slave and feeling your submission more deeply. I have included numerous techniques to help achieve this goal so it will be useful for every submissive. Don't worry if you don't pick them all up right away, there is allot in here to absorb. You will naturally focus on the techniques that work best for you first before learning the rest. The more times you watch this video, the more effective and potent the techniques become and eventually you can learn to use them all.

Dreams of Evilena

I initiate your training by commanding you to gaze deeply into my eyes. You will find yourself quickly submitting to my deep breathing instructions as my voice soothes you. As your trance deepens, your focus will shift to the gleaming gem on my fingertip. Watching its hypnotic motion your awareness of my power will grow. You will soon see that power emanating from my fingertip as you slip into a deeper hypnotic trance. Once you've surrendered to my hypnotic powers you will be trained to serve me in your dreams. Your subconscious mind will unlock your most powerful submissive fantasies you will experience them in precise detail.

Naturally you will be able to remember your dreams clearly upon waking. I command you to visualize your deepest darkest fantasies of servitude. Your dreams of serving me will be both intensely erotic and arousing. These dreams will be extremely vivid and you will remember them as clearly as real events. When you experience your servitude in dream form, anything is possible and you may experience even those fantasies you're too embarrassed to share. You may serve me in any conceivable manner, no matter how fanciful or dangerous when you dream. Your subconscious servitude will cement your devotion to me and transform you into my obedient slave. Thus I use your innermost desires against you, inspiring total loyalty as you dream of serving me.

Hypnotic Chastity

This hypnosis video is designed to strengthen your arousal and desire for me while simultaneously conditioning you to be chaste. You are teased and aroused, by images of me in covered in liquid latex, brought to the brink or orgasm then denied.

Hypnotic Enslavement to Mistress Evilena

This DVD will allow you to experience my visual hypnotic power as well as my voice.

First I use my beauty first to entice you then seductively apply my hypnotic powers. My sparkling beauty and erotic hand motions will captivate you. You will find yourself slipping into a deep hypnotic trance so gradually as to be almost imperceptible.

Then once I have your mind under my control I enslave your body and soul, training you to worship me as your goddess. I create in you a deep desire to serve me and reward your servitude with intense arousal. I bestow upon you guidelines for the forms of worship and servitude most appropriate to your means and talents and disposition.

You will be rewarded for dutiful servitude by experiencing intense prolonged arousal and orgasm. I also enhance your fantasy life allowing you to visualize serving me and even serve me in your dreams.

Hypnotically Forced Feminization

I use my hypnotic powers to strengthen your obedience and force you to become my slut. You will feel my power overwhelm you as you are trained to create an alternate sissy persona. You are ordered to create this sissy slut identity as an expression of your extreme submission and reverence of dominant women. I have trained you to walk, talk and act in a hyper-feminine submissive manner when you become my sissy slut. Since you are trained hypnotically these feminine behaviors will come naturally to you. For your protection this persona will only be expressed as discretion permits.

You will obey me by displaying your sissy self as often and as fully as you can. For some this may include feminine grooming or dress for others it is confined to wearing panties beneath your male clothes. Remember slut your purpose is to serve me so your training only begins with your feminization. You are ordered to learn more feminine forms of servitude. This includes everything from pampering your goddess with manicures and massages to cooking and cleaning for me. Surprising me with naughty and erotic gifts can be a remote expression your submission. Whatever the extent of servitude you will find your submission humiliating and intensely erotic. You will submit to my will and learn to love being my slut watching this video over and over to perfect your training.

Hypnotic Foot Worship

This will be an especially erotic video for foot fetishists as Mistress Evilena lures you into entrancement using her feet. First she commands you to stare at her feet, something you already long to do. She then directs your focus to the jewels on her thigh high stockings. You will feel yourself slip into a trance as you watch her seductively caress her leg using her stockinged foot. As you listen to her mesmerizing voice Mistress Evilena gives you the hypnotic suggestion that you will vividly experience everything she describes.

Your entrancement allows you to undergo an erotic fantasy of foot worship and slavery. Watch her peel off her stocking, as she depicts forcing you to smell it before using it to gag you. As you stare at her bare foot she thoroughly excites you recounting your massage of her foot. After tempting you like this she describes removing your gag permitting you to worship her foot with your tongue. Using this fantasy Mistress Evilena conditions you to be her loyal foot slave. You will learn to find the scent of her feet an aphrodisiac and receive sensual pleasure worshipping them. You are trained to receive your most intense orgasms thinking about Mistress Evilena and especially her feet.

Hypnotic Masochistic Training

I begin your conditioning by using a digitally enhanced candle flame. You see me within the flame, drawing ever closer as my voice weaves its entrancing spell. You quickly find yourself entranced, lost in an infinite loop as each flame overtakes its predecessor.

Once I allow you to close your eyes you will drift even deeper until you open your eyes again ready to be trained. I allow you to imagine yourself in a corporal punishment session with me. I weave a tale of erotic servitude and use this imagery to train you to enjoy the pain of punishment. You are also taught to use mental imagery, deep breathing techniques and arousal to enhance your pain tolerance. Although I encourage you to feel numbness as needed you are taught to understand the type of pain you feel. This understanding allows you to protect yourself from injury and to better serve your Mistress by enduring harsh punishment safely. Ultimately you are taught to be the perfect masochist. You will love satisfying the sadistic needs of dominant women and learn to take pleasure from pain.

Nightmares of Evilena

This video is especially designed for those who must serve me remotely because I train you to serve me in your dreams. I combine my hypnotic powers with a mesmerizing backdrop while using a crystal wand to entrance you. All together this creates a powerful trance-inducing effect. Once I have you deep in trance I let you open your eyes and direct your attention to the kinky scenes appearing above me. I use these ethereal visions to inspire and mold your dreams at their very origin. All the while training you to dream about serving me each and every night.

Dreams of Evilena is designed to reward all your accomplishments in submission and self improvement. When you please me or experience success of any kind you are rewarded with your most erotic dreams of servitude. I command your subconscious mind to reward or punish you both in accordance with your behavior as my slave and with respect to your personal failures or successes. You will be conditioned to serve me in your dreams. Conditioned to remember these dreams and experience them more intensely. You will be Conditioned to have lucidity in your dreams that will make them feel more like a live session.

By rewarding your achievments and obedience I can motivate you to become the perfect slave. Inspiring you to prosper while serving me dutifully. When you do well, your dreams of submission will be both intensely erotic and pleasurable. Plus when you experience your servitude in dream form, anything is possible. You may serve me in any conceivable manner, no matter how fanciful when you dream.

Dreams of Evilena will be most effective when paired with Nightmares of Evilena which emphasizes punishment for misbehavior or failure. Used in tandem these videos provide powerful slave training and self motivation. Dreams and Nightmares of Evilena work in concert to deepen your enslavement to me, curb misbehavior and motivate you towards greater success in all your endeavors. All because I program your subconscious to use your dreams for servitude.

Teasing Denial and Control

This is a very special hypnosis DVD because it is designed to be used along with my website. Through the power of hypnosis I train you experience orgasm on my command. However the sadistic side of me insists not just on control, but control with elements of teasing and denial. First you are put into deep entrancement to receive my orgasm control training. Then I lighten your entrancement, allowing you to open your eyes and gaze upon my beauty. Of course this is used as a tool to reinforce my teasing and denial training.

You are trained to receive my command from a special login section of my site. You are ordered to log in and masturbate once per day. I have even included a special series of exclusive photographs for this section just to tease you with. Each time you log in one of these images will randomly load along with my command for your release or denial.

When my permission is granted you will experience a powerful climax the intensity of which is enhanced through my training. However when my permission is denied you will be commanded to masturbate until just before climax and then will be left with blue balls. Naturally, the intensity of my control will grow overtime as you use this video to reinforce my training.

Wealth and Servitude Foretold

You come to me for a reading on your future. During your induction, I command you to stare into my crystal ball. Watching my fingertips dance across its surface you are led into a hypnotic trance. Finding that as your trance deepens your focus on the ball grows until it encompasses your entire vision. Then as the last vestiges of conscious thought disappear an image of your future begins to materialize.

You see me sitting before you ready to continue your training. My training has already given you great wealth and success. I use a countdown that triggers your entrancement and continue this training which will make you more successful. Naturally you are taught to show your gratitude for this success through financial servitude and enslavement.

      Gaze into my Eyes.