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Temple of Evilena

This is an exemplary example of the real power of hypnosis and how I can use hypnodomination to create an intensely erotic, emotional scene wrought with pure animalistic passion. Initially I simply use my hypnotic gifts to entrance my submissive Tivali. From there I embroil her in a rich fantasy scene of ritualism goddess worship and absolute ecstasy. Using hypnotic suggestion, I transport Tivali to a temple dedicated to Goddess Evilena and give you glimpses of what her mind has created using a 3D computer model temple I created. You can see her reverently enter a temple that only exists in her mind, where she finds that the goddess she came to worship actually comes to life.

From there I enmesh Tivali in a ritual of wine, dance and goddess worship drawing on elements from the strictly female Dyonisian rituals of classical Greek history. I create for her a world of deepest submission, total abandon and ritualized submission to me. Tivali becomes completely lost in her feelings of erotic goddess worship, through which I ultimately lead her to the full satisfaction of all carnal desires. I use my ability to control her mind to give her orgasms so intense and powerful she must cling to me for support.

In this scene fantasy and reality become so tightly meshed that I wield absolute control over Tivali. Where I then show to her a world full of erotic rituals and total pleasure. I know this will serve as the finest example of erotic mind control for years to come, the scene is that intense for both my submissive and myself. You will feel privileged to watch such an intimate and powerfully sensual scene. It is a view into real domination and submission, the likes of which have rarely if ever been captured on film.

Subconscious Subjugation

Following his Punishment I continue my slave's training using hypnosis. He is mentally trained as I reassert my dominance then given some post hypnotic suggestions to be used by any Mistress I choose. Never missing the opportunity for a good mindfuck, I use this slave's entranced state to amplify his pain from hot wax torture. Although the wax is at low temperature the slave believes it's as hot as lava. Watch him writhe in agony as a drip wax all over his body, ultimately convincing him that I've melted his cock off.

Satisfied with his suffering, I awaken the slave and test the suggestions I've given him. The first is a Hypnotic Robot command that transforms him into a mindless automaton, able only to obey my programming. Even his thoughts and feelings are under my complete control. He is also given a Statue command, which forces him to freeze in place, no matter how uncomfortable the pose. This command not only immobilizes but also induces near total sensory deprivation. I then transform him into my steed by convincing him he's a horse and riding him. Since the slave is already nude I leave the testing of the last command which involves stripping for a more appropriate time. Rest assured, he will be thoroughly degraded when forced to strip in public.

Priestess Tivali and the Nicaraguan Hooker

This video will contain scenes from my hypnosis seminar in NYC duing the fall of 2004. In front of a room full of my students, you will see my New York sissy slut slavetoy transformed into a Nicaraguan Hooker and you will see more of Priestess Tivali's hypnotic orgasms.

The scene then changes to the red room inside my giant 3d castle where Tivali and I beat my Nicaraguan Hooker senseless.

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