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How I became a Hypnotic Goddess

by Mistress Evilena
Copyright Mistress Evilena 2001
All rights reserved.

A brief autobiographical account explaining both how and why I began to use hypnosis.

My interest in hypnosis was forged due to a combination of frustration and imagination. I grew up in a single parent home, and 16 year old girl named Kelly watched me when my mom was away.

This teenager knew what a mischievous little girl I was and tried to be very strict with me. Even as a young child, I was not willing to submit to anyone and I desperately sought an escape. I had an idea after watching a cartoon on television featuring hypnotic mind control. That was my first encounter with hypnosis and it made quite an impression. I knew I had to try hypnosis on Kelly.

Fortunately Kelly also babysat Nandita, one of my friends. Nandita wanted to escape as badly as I did and helped me develop my skills. I checked out some books on hypnosis and practiced my techniques. Nandita volunteered as my subject and helped guide my efforts with her feedback. Eventually our efforts paid off when Nandita began entering light hypnotic trances. I knew I was ready to test my skills on the dreaded babysitter. Nandita and I convinced Kelly I was just playing around and Kelly agreed to let me hypnotize her.

My efforts paid off better than I had ever dreamed. Kelly was one of those rare highly suggestible people. She would enter freakishly deep trances, the type where people will stop bleeding on command. I was amazed at her responsiveness and had to test her. After all I wanted to make sure she wasnıt just humoring me. I would entrance her and then make her perform humiliating or degrading tasks. I made her eat and drink disgusting concoctions. I even tested her using her phobias against her. She was so afraid of my parakeets she would cringe every time she walked by their cage. After I hypnotized her and made her hold and pet my birds I realized I could do anything I wanted.

Over the next few months I would regularly hypnotize Kelly. I would implant false memories and amnesia commands. Kelly was a soap opera addict so it was easy to do. All I needed to do was follow the plots of her soap operas and make her think she watched the actual episodes. This worked well for a while until Kelly began inviting her friend Kim over. This was a real problem since Kim was partially deaf, I didnıt think I could hypnotize her. So once again Nandita and I were stuck inside while they watched soap operas. However, we used the time very productively as Nandita helped me further perfect my techniques by letting hypnotize her. Once I could easily deeply entrance Nandita I was ready to try with Kim.

Nandita and Kelly helped convince Kim to "play" with me. They made Kim think it was just a stupid game but warned I would pester them until they played. At first I was really nervous, Kim was not responding well and Kelly was already under. I could tell Nandita wanted me to stop before Kim noticed Kellyıs trance. However, I persisted and eventually did put Kim into a light trance. At first I couldnıt put Kim into very deep trances. That began to change the more often I hypnotized her. Eventually I was able to entrance Kim deeply enough to buy back some of my freedom. She was never as responsive as Kelly but she did enter relatively deep trances. I would Hypnotize both Kim and Kelly and make them watch the soaps. I gave them amnesia commands to forget the hypnosis and commanded them to let Nandita and I do as we chose. Let this be a lesson to you, never underestimate the power of a willful intelligent child.

Everything in this story is true. Do not insult my intelligence by thinking I would make up such an outrageous tale. I fully admit that the stories written by my hypno slave are fiction inspired by real life experiences and talents. I think this goes without saying since I am obviously not an undercover spy. It would be much easier for me to say I learned about hypnosis in college. That would explain my deep understanding of how hypnosis works and how best to use it. This is untrue because I learned hypnosis as a child and my later studies only confirmed what I already knew. Now at 26, I already have 16 years of experience. I am always getting better and looking for new ways to use my powers. All you really need to know is that I am a very talented hypnotist with a wonderful voice. This runs in my family as my grandmother was a professional opera singer. If you have any further doubts listen to my brief sample induction.

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