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If I Were A Carpenter Part 2

by Evilena'sHypnoSlave
Copyright Mistress Evilena 2000
All rights reserved.

Heather was pissed.

Her boyfriend, Bill Withers had not come home last night.

As she drove toward the hospital where she worked, as a nurse, she glanced toward a side street and became even angrier when she saw his "Withers Carpentry" truck parked in a residential neighborhood, in an upscale part of town near the medical center.

She mulled over what to do in her mind. Go to work? Stop at the house where the truck was parked and confront him?

Her anger brimming over, she did a none-too-careful U turn and headed back to Bill's van.

She blocked the truck into it's parking spot by moving her car right behind it. He wasn't going to slip out the back door! Boldly Heather walked up to the front entrance and rang the bell.

Several minutes went by before anyone answered but , at last, the door swung open and Heather saw a beautiful young woman, standing in the open doorway.

She was casually dressed in a plain skirt and white, gothic, silk blouse, but even in those ordinary clothes one could see there was NOTHING ordinary about this woman.

SHE was why Bill hadn't come home. Now she was REALLY pissed.

The young blonde stood about five feet four and had shining blond hair. Her body was exquisite, and her face achingly beautiful.

Heather, herself, was an attractive woman, with a pretty face and flaming red hair, set off by the white nurses uniform and shoes. Her gold name badge , bearing the words, " Heather Abjure , Charge Nurse " glinted in the morning sun. But it immediately struck Heather that this blonde Goddess, standing before her ,was the most sensually erotic woman she had ever seen.

But damn it, Bill and she had made a commitment!

"All right Bitch! Where is he?" she spat out.

"Sorry, darling. Where's who? And my name isn't bitch, it's Mistress Evilena." the sensuous blonde replied.

"My boyfriend, Bill. His damn truck is parked in the driveway and he didn't come home last night. Now WHERE IS HE? Mistress or no Mistress he is MINE!"

A sexy smile crept to Evilena's face as she looked the red headed nurse up and down, " Ah... the carpenter. He IS here, but I'm surprised an attractive woman , as you, would put up with the misogynist bullshit he spouts. You're MUCH too beautiful for that."

In spite of herself, Heather's face flushed at the compliments from the sexy , young blonde. Abjure was no lesbian but there was something SO erotic about this woman.

"Uh......." she stuttered a bit before responding, " Damn it , I asked where he is. Tell me!"

"Well, my dear, he thinks he is in a cage in my basement right now. Rest assured that he spent the night doing one of two things. Building an addition there, or being whipped. I enjoyed both. He enjoyed one , but not the other. I'll leave it to you to decide which he DIDN'T enjoy."

Nothing much surprised Heather, but that statement did and for a moment she just stared incredulously at Evilena.

"He what?"

"Oh, it's really simple my dear, he has become one of my slaves. Partially through hypnosis, partially through physical and mental surrender, but ALL through worship of a Goddess, he has given up his old ways, and decided to do EVERYTHING I command. I'm sorry, he's no longer yours."

"Of course, if you REALLY want him, we might make some sort of arrangement....."

Heather looked confused, but Evilena smiled a most confident,and evilly delicious smile, as she stared boldly into the eyes of the startled nurse.

Bill's girlfriend noticed that her nipples were stiffening as the young blonde stared at her, and tried to concentrate on ANYTHING but the beautiful young woman.

Anything but her beautiful eyes.

Anything but her moist, sexy lips.

Anything but her fit, trim body.

Anything but that amazingly sensuous face.



Goddess Evilena reached out and took Heather's hand and led her, barely resisting, into the house, and then closed the door behind them.

The attractive nurse wondered why she had let the blonde do that, but continued to stand in the foyer, still looking at Evilena.

The blonde dominatrix already saw that Heather was attracted to her sensuous beauty and raw sexuality. From her questioning of Bill last night she had not been aware of the nurse's innate bi-sexuality, but one look at those flushed cheeks revealed to her that Heather,herself , would be the next slave to join her stable of worshippers.

"You know Heather, Bill didn't believe , at first, that I had the power to hypnotize and entrance him. But you are MUCH more intelligent, so you know that SOME people have an intrinsic ability to control others. You, as a nurse, know that such powerful people, can control ANYONE they desire. In fact, as you look deeply into my eyes, my lovely, compelling, deep, irresistible eyes, and as you listen very closely to my soft, soothing , restful voice, you KNOW that I am one of those >people with that power. The power to control others.And Heather, I desire >YOU."

The nurse looked even MORE confused, and even a little afraid, but continued to look at Evilena's eyes as she drew Heather closer to her .

The dominant blonde's eyes seemed even larger and deeper to the redhead as their faces moved closer and closer .

"You understand, my dear, that I'm a very skilled and competent hypnotist. And you understand that I'm going to place you under my unbreakable hypnotic spell now. And you KNOW that there is nothing you can do to stop me. You Know you are not strong enough to resist me, in fact, you don't WANT to resist me. Just keep looking into my eyes and listening to my voice. You can't look away . You know you can't."

Fear now enveloped Heather as she stood frozen, staring into Evilena's eyes. But try as she would, she was unable to break away from the blonde's powerful gaze.

"That's it, little one, keep looking into my eyes. You almost feel like you are falling INTO my eyes."

The lovely hypnotist now stood face to face with the rapidly weakening redhead, and it seemed to Heather that Evilena's eyes had enlarged to become her whole world. As she gazed ever deeper into them.

Evilena felt her power over the nurse growing.

She WANTED to control this redhead. Heather would become her disciple and in turn control Bill and many other males. But Evilena would remain the supreme Goddess, the Queen. Just like a feudal monarchy Evilena would be in control of all. She would allow Heather control of some, weak willed men , because she was a woman, and women SHOULD control males. But the young, blonde KNEW she was in command of Heather.

"That's it my dear, just keep gazing deeply into your new Mistress' eyes. As you stare deeply you feel YOUR eyes growing heavier and heavier. But you STILL can't look away. You are unable to look away. My eyes hold yours. You don't want to look away. It's so restful to look into my eyes and to fall into a deep submissive, hypnotic trance. A trance where Evilena is the mistress and you the servant. Deeper and deeper under Evilena's power."

Heather's lips moved, silently forming the words deeper and deeper as her face became more and more relaxed. The vacant look in her eyes told Evilena that she would soon be totally entranced, completely under her spell.

The nurse was powerless to resist the young, sensuous blonde.

The combination of the gothic blonde's raw sexuality and natural hypnotic ability was pulling Heather deeper and deeper under the beautiful woman's erotic spell.

She could feel her will to resist slipping away as she gazed into the Goddess' powerful, hypnotic eyes

Evilena licked her lips and went in for the kill.

"Your eyes are so heavy, Heather. So heavy. So verrryyy heavy. You want to close them . You NEED to close them but you can't until I let you. You have to keep looking into my eyes until I LET you close yours. Deeper and deeper into my eyes. Deeper and deeper under my control. You struggle to keep your tired eyes open because my eyes draw you deeper and deeper under my control. Control. Need to close your eyes. Control. But at last I will allow you to close them when I say the word submit. Do you understand?"

Heather nodded, but never let her gaze stray from the deep compelling eyes of the blonde hypnotist.

"Submit Heather ! You are mine."

Her eyes blinked closed. She no longer could keep them open. But her MIND was open to any suggestion, any command that Evilena mouthed. She was powerless before her new mistress.

Evilena sighed deeply. Now BOTH of them were under her control.

' Open your eyes, my slave girl, but still deeply asleep. Follow me to my dungeon.

Silently, obediently, the white clad nurse followed behind the erotic blonde, now totally enslaved .

Evilena had been BORN with the ability to hypnotize and enslave. Heather was just another of her victims. But if what she had seen in the nurse was true, Heather, herself would become a dominatrix, serving only Heather. Two powerful mistresses. Two hypnotic, evil, dommes.

As they entered the dungeon, Evilena walked up to Bill who was crouching on the floor. She placed her finger under his chin and lifted his gaze to hers. Then she snapped her fingers in front of his face and said, "the cage is no longer there."

Immediately he stood, having been released from a steel cage , hypnotically projected by Evilena. At her command he had been freed from the confines of the imaginary cell.

Now he, too was confused. He saw his girlfriend AND Goddess Evilena standing before him.

"Kneel before Heather, you piss ant!" the Goth Princess commanded, and Bill fell to his knees before mesmerized redhead."

"Worship her, you puke."

He started to kiss and lick the white shoes, then her white nylon encased legs. Slowly his soft kisses and swirling tongue ventured up her legs toward the delta between her legs. He tenderly lifted her skirt and kissed the soft cloth encasing her delicious pussy, inhaling her scents but unable to actually touch the golden prize.

Evilena laughed out loud.

"Heather, you CAN feel that. I will let you...."

The nurse began to move her hips back and forth rubbing her panty clad cunt against slave Bill's face as he continued his abject surrender to her.

The blonde hypnotist walked over to Heather and held her hand.

"Soon I will release you from you hypnotic spell but you will have learned that it is the role of a woman to control men. Bill will be your property NOT your boyfriend. He will serve you in all things as you serve me. You will command him to do anything you want. ANYTHING. He is yours!"

"Yes Mistress Evilena"

Bill heard, and understood what was being said but could not resist any words uttered by Evilena , and he knew as soon as he received orders from Heather he would obey. His life was changed forever. But in spite of this his surrender was filling him with the greatest sexual pleasures of his life. Worship of females. service to his Goddess. the sensual touch of his female rulers, all were soooo pleasurable.

"Both of you kneel before me, now."

Heather fell to her knees and Bill rose to his.

They both gazed up, adoringly at Goddess Evilena.

The blonde, leaned over Bill's face and drew closer. Instinctively he closed his eyes and opened his lips to receive a kiss from his Goddess, as Heather looked on, enviously.

Just as the hypnotist was within inches of his face she spat. Part landed on his face the rest in his open mouth.

Heather laughed as did Evilena, while Bill swallowed and rubbed the remainder from his face , then licked it from his hands.

Evilena snapped her fingers and pointed to the ground and both slaves started to worship her beautiful feet.

Evilena smiled . Goddesses, I love being a Queen, she thought.

Bill and Heather BOTH knew they were born to serve.

Everything was right .... in Evilena's world.

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