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Evilena's Reunion With Kelly

by Evilena'sHypnoSlave
Copyright Mistress Evilena 2002
All rights reserved.

This is the FICTIONAL continuation of Goddess Evilena's TRUE story of the youthful discovery of her ability to hypnotize her babysitter Kelly.

As the beautiful Evilena opened the door of her posh suite at one of New York's finest hotels she was stunned to see her old babysitter Kelly standing at the door with a bottle of fine Champaign in her hands.

Kelly, too, was just as surprised to see her old charge, all grown up, standing before her. Kelly had been working for the hotel chain since her graduation from college, and as an assistant manager, one of her duties was to greet each guest of the hotel, who had rented one of these opulent suites with a complimentary bottle of bubbly.

Even though years had passed, she immediately recognized Evilena. She had been her babysitter for several years and was five years older than the lovely blonde, who was a person she could never forget.

Evilena, smiled, as a child she had not fully appreciated the sexuality of the young woman, BUT had subjected her to hypnosis, a skill she had learned from books, but was naturally gifted at. It was amazing, but even as a pre-teen she was able to entrance and hypnotized Kelly to force her to be a "better" sitter, to allow Evilena to do exactly as she pleased.

Now thirty years old, Kelly had bloomed into a VERY sensuous adult. She was only 5'1", a bit shorter than Evilena, but had a full, busty figure. She had a firm round ass and long legs. Her fair skinned face was framed by long, wavy red hair. She was pretty at 16. She was stunning at 30.

"EVIE... it's so GOOD to see you ! How have you been? It's been years." she said cheerily.

Goddesses how Evilena HATED to be called EVIE!

The blonde stepped back and swung the door open allowing the attractive red head to enter the suite and hand her the magnum of Champagne, with the hotel's ( and now Kelly's) best wishes.

"Maybe I can stop by after I get off duty and we can catch up on old times. I get off in ten minutes."

"Ten minutes? Just stay here now and we can talk now. I'm SURE the hotel won't mind that you gave a guest a little "extra" attention. After all this IS a VIP suite," Evilena replied, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

Kelly sat down on the large sofa in the drawing room and Evilena sat down next to her, touching her leg softly, gently, as she did so.

"Wow," Evilena said smiling, " I'm surprised you still LIKE me, I could be such a handful in those days. I was such a little tomboy, always rough housing, you could almost NEVER get me to calm down. I must have been your toughest sitting job."

"But SOMETIMES you could relax, I remember we used to play a game that relaxed you, Evie."

"Oh yes, Kelly. NOW I remember. It was the "hypnosis" game. We'd sit quietly together and I'd hypnotize you."

The sexy red head smiled, "I let you PRETEND to hypnotize me..."

"Now let me see, we used to sit close together, just like we are now, and then I'd tell you to look into my eyes.....that's it Kelly... look into my eyes ... you DO remember how we played the game ... the memories are rushing back now Kelly .. just continue to look into my eyes ... just as you did then ... deeper ... deeper ... feel yourself relax as you plunge deep into the depths of my hypnotic .... mesmerizing eyes... deeper ... still deeper... so deep into my eyes ...you are going deeper and deeper .... leaving all conscious thought behind you ... embracing the memories of my voice.... and my eyes ..."

Kelly sat silently, staring into the depths of Evilena's eyes.

Her body shifted, nervously, as Evilena drew closer, and deep in the recesses of her mind she felt fear, but she did not know why. She WANTED to leave the room, but Evilena's eyes held her captive on the sofa.>

"You know Kelly ... it WASN'T a game..... think back I really WAS able to put you into a deep hypnotic trance... don't you remember ....you just looked directly into my eyes ... just like you are doing now .... and you concentrated on my voice...even THEN the sound of my voice was fascinating but NOW ... you find it irresistible .... listen to my voice ... look into my eyes ... just as you did then..... just as you did ... so many years ago .... just listen .... and obey...."

The red head's eyes widened and she tried to move away from Evilena, but it seemed so hard to move.

The blonde hypnotist smiled, " You can't do it can you Kelly....you can't move away ... you must stay EXACTLY where you are and gaze deeply into my eyes JUST as you did so many years ago..... the power I had over your mind has not weakened or faded .... I still have the power to control you actions... even your THOUGHTS ... you can do ONLY as I instruct ... remember ? You MUST remember."

" No! No .... Stop it! What is going on?" the frightened beauty said as she weakly tried to stand and leave the room. She wanted to leave. She HAD to leave. But Evilena gently held her hand and pulled her even closer so they were eye to eye.

An evil smile passed across the hypnotist's lips as she skillfully deepened the trance that was ensnaring the will power of her former baby sitter. " Look deeper still into my eyes Kelly .... with each passing moment your resistance weakens ... just gazing deep into my wonderful, powerful eyes makes you WANT to become my helpless slave... you WANT to obey me ... my hold over you GROWS with each second you stare into my eyes and you WANT to keep looking....deeper....deeper.... you are falling under my spell JUST as you did so many years ago ...you are falling under my control....I control you.....NOW."

"Nnnooo..p.p...please...stop..it ...." the weakening red head struggled to say, but indeed, with each passing second she grew weaker. With each passing second she was MORE helpless... " What are you d..d...oing to me? " she stammered.

Evilena reached out and held Kelly's face between her soft, warm hands and held her eyes in an unbreakable gaze. She stroked her face, " I'm hypnotizing you dear ... just like when you were my babysitter ...my eyes are taking control of you every thought ... my mid is dominating yours ....and you are helpless to resist me ... powerless to stop me .... just look into my eyes and give in to my power .... surrender to Evilena....."

Kelly could no longer even speak, so weaken was she by this mental attack on her will. As Evilena held her face, so gently, she just continued to stare , unresisting, into her mesmerizing, bottomless eyes. Eyes that held her captive. There was nothing else she could do.

"You belong to me Kelly ...still.... again...." Evilena whispered, as if staring deep into the woman's soul. " But I am a child no longer and my desires have changed.....still you..."

"Belong to you...." Kelly finished.

"Say it again , my pet."

""I belong to you .... I belong to you ....I belong to you..." she repeated again and again as if it had become her only mantra.

"And that excites you doesn't it my dear? Belong to me excites you.... being my SLAVE excites you beyond belief....DOESN'T IT?"

As Evilena released her hold on Kelly's face she nodded her agreement, she WAS excited by again becoming Evilena's slave. Her pussy began to moisten.

"Deeper my dear ... deeper still ... so deep into my eyes .... so deep under my spell .... wouldn't you feel more comfortable KNEELING before your Mistress Evilena....isn't that where a slave is supposed to be?"

The red head nodded again, and slipped down from the sofa, taking her place on her knees before her Goddess.

"Are you married yet, Kelly?" Evilena inquired, still holding the supplicant's gaze with her own.>

"Yes, I was married six months ago, to a young doctor. I keep this job so we can stay free in hotels when we travel for free, but he is very rich."

Again Evilena smiled, ONE of the things she dearly loved was capturing BOTH a wife and husband so they could both be her slaves. This was going to be a WONDERFUL day.

"Did you have any men before your husband ?"

"No, Evilena."

"Any WOMEN?"

"No Evilena."

"Kelly don't you think it would be more appropriate to call me MISTRESS Evilena, since I own you? You ARE may slave again, after all. "

"Yes MISTRESS Evilena."

"So you have NEVER had sex with anyone OTHER than your husband?"

"No Mistress Evilena."

"Well my pet, we MUST change that." The gorgeous hypnotist placed her finger under the chin of the kneeling woman and slowly drew her face closer. She whispered to Kelly as they drew nearer, " "The closer you are to me the more you desire me... the more you WANT me ... the more you LOVE me.....you have never felt such a burning desire for ANYONE... not even your husband.... you WORSHIP me...." and suddenly, snake like, Evilena's tongue flicked out and brushed Kelly's lips.

"OOOHHHHH!!!!!" She gasped as she shuddered with a passion ignited by the brief kiss and the compelling words of her mistress. She WANTED Evilena.

Evilena moved her open hand slowly downward, first covering, then closing Kelly's eyes.

Her hypnotic spell was complete. Now she could mold the beautiful woman's mind as she desired.

Now I want you to think back Kelly to a day when you saw me return from school, as I walked into the house I was wearing a jumper and a white blouse. Remember? You remember what a pretty little girl I was. How special I looked when I wore that dress....remember me as a child... a child controlling you... how safe and warm you felt giving up control to that pretty little girl....how aroused you felt jus SEEING me....you STILL feel that arousal when you picture me in that little dress....so beautiful...even then you lusted after me....so beautiful....your lust is growing as you picture me.... in your mind...that beautiful little girl...so near to you ... controlling you...."

Beads of sweat were forming on Kelly's face and upper lip as the thoughts aroused her more and more. Evilena could see the red heads hard, excited nipples standing up under her hotel uniform blouse.

"Now imagine that little girl Evilena speaking to you.....Kelly...... do I excite you?"

The hypnotized woman's mind reverted back to the years before when Evilena a mere girl and she her baby sitter. " Oh YES, Evie, I know it is WRONG, but you are so beautiful. You DO excite me...SO MUCH...."

"Evilena whispered hotly into her ear, " Now open your eyes Kelly, and when you do, you will see that same beautiful little schoolgirl before you and ALL those thoughts will come rushing back to you..."

Kelly's eyes blinked open and before her, in her mind's eye was the beautiful schoolgirl in the blouse and jumper she had been in love with so many years before. The little girl she lusted after. She raised her arms to embrace Evilena and tried to kiss her, but the blonde pushed her away, laughing.

"NO! STOP! You don't deserve to kiss my lips. Take of my shoes and KISS MY FEET. SLAVE GIRL."

As commanded the babysitter removed Evilena's shoes and lovingly lavished worshiping kisses on her feet.

" Good girl, Kelly. Now listen to me closely .... SOMEDAY when I grow up we will meet again, and even then you will STILL be in love with me ,and it will be your fondest desire to worship me as your Mistress, just as you are doing now....and you will want to share this joy with others...you will bring others to serve me and be slaves to me.....you will bring me ANYONE I command .... ANYONE.... do you understand?"

"Oh YES, Evie, I LOVE you so much... I'll love you forever.....FOREVER.... and I'll bring you MORE slave...just let me kiss you feet and suck your little toes...please...">

The hypnotist laughed out loud. This WAS fun. She hadn't seen Kelly in YEARS and she had ensnared her in just moments.

"Now sleep..." she whispered in a sexy voice, and again brought her hand down across her hypno-slave's eyes and closed them, plunging her back into hypnotic sleep.


Evilena snapped her fingers and Kelly eyes again blinked open. A confused look appeared on her face as she realized she was on the floor, kneeling before Evilena. She couldn't remember HOW she had gotten in that position. She quickly got up and started to move toward the door.

" I've GOT to go Evilena, I've got to do my daily reports and go home to see my husband."

Evilena replied in a husky voice, What I'd REALLY like you to do my dear is call your husband, and have him come to my room so you can give him to me as a sex toy."

"WHAT? Don't be silly Evilena, that's ridiculous! I'm LEAVING!"

Evilena slowly stood up and gestured gracefully with her hands, directing Kelly's gaze back into her own mesmerizing eyes.

Like a bird held by a snake Kelly's gaze was pulled magnetically to the hypnotist's lovely eyes.

Try as she might the red head could not pull her own gaze away, and deep in her mind commands she had heard when she was just a girl of 16 echoed in her mind.

"ANYONE.....I will bring ANYONE to serve Evilena... to be her slave ... as I am...I LOVE her ...I WORSHIP her...."

Now the graceful gestures drew her back to her Mistress... ever closer ...Evilena placed her hands softly on Kelly's shoulders and pushed her to the floor. Kneeling, as a servant, the ex-baby sitter stared up into the eyes that held her a helpless captive.

"And WHO will you bring to serve me?"

"Mm..m..my husband... to .. be ... you ... sex .. toy..."

Again, the evile laugh of the blonde Goddess resounded in the hotel suite.

"Now go Kelly. I must prepare for the arrival of my new slave, he too, will soon become one of my hypno-toys, just like you. Now kiss my foot and go get him."

The hotel executive got to her feet and left the room, knowing that later that evening her husband would become a slave to Evilena, just as she had been....her whole life.

      You will love serving me
   Surrender Now Slave.