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At the Club..... Another Night

by Evilena'sHypnoSlave
Copyright Mistress Evilena 2001
All rights reserved.

She was Beautiful.

But Evilena sat alone ( an unusual occurrence) at a table at the club. The lights flashed and glowed. The music throbbed so loud it could be FELT in the pit of your stomach. Thump... thump ... thump .. like a heartbeat.

Across from her sat a young attractive couple. Him tall, blonde, and muscular. Her short, darkly attractive.

Both stole glances at her when the other wasn't looking, but Evilena ignored them both. It had been a busy week and she just wanted to relax.

The woman got up from the table and swayed, seductively toward the rest rooms in the back of the club and she had barely disappeared into the rear of the dark club when he moved over to Evilena's table.

" Hey cutie... want to sit with a REAL man?" he asked, sliding across the leather couch.

Evilena gave him the " go away " look but he ignored it.

" What are you doing later?" he persisted.

"Aren't you with that OTHER young lady?" The lovely blonde dominatrix asked.

" Oh, that's my wife, but after I put her to bed, I could come back here and meet you... or perhaps we could go to your place?"

"What an asshole," Evilena said to herself. " You know, ...."

"Bob, " he said, " Bob is my name..."

"You know Bobby, you should respect your wife. If you are interested in exploring get her permission FIRST. Don't just wander in the club hitting on women. It demeans you, but most of all it demeans HER."

Chastened, he started to return to his table, but winked at yet another woman at an adjacent booth as he went back and took his seat. Moments later, his lovely wife returned and sat by his side.

They talked a few minutes and Evilena could tell he was complaining or starting some kind of a fight, probably, she thought, to make he leave the club in anger so he could try to pick up some other woman.

They exchanged MORE angry words and finally he slapped her across the face....HARD, the red mark visible even from Evilena's position. The woman started to cry.

Evilena could stand it no more, and rose from her table and slowly walked to the couple's, sitting down across from them.

The dark woman, forced a smile, because to see Evilena's beauty was in itself, an enjoyable experience, no matter WHAT is going on.

"Introduce me!" Evilena spat out to the man. It was not a request. It was an order.

" I'm Glenn and this is my wife, Stacy. She's just leaving, if you've changed your mind." He grinned a lascivious grin at the blonde Goddess.

"Actually Glenn, I'm here to give you some advise, teach you a lesson, so to speak about relationships."

"Well, Sweetie, I know EVERYTHING about relationships. The MAN is in charge. The girl just follows orders..... want to play?"

" In relationships of domination and submission, power must be GIVEN not taken. Your wife's submission should be her GIFT to you, not something stolen from her. And if you don't understand that you should not have a wife."

As she said the words in her silky, hypnotic voice Stacy's eyes locked on her with a friendly, almost adoring look. No one had EVER come to her rescue before. Glenn had often beat her, but he was so big and intimidating few men EVER said anything to stop him, and certainly no women.

"Look bitch, " the blonde man said, angrily , "I don't take that kind of shit from MEN and I certainly won' t take it from a woman. Get out of my face...NOW!"

He got up from his seat and walked around the table, in a threatening posture that had chased many a man off in the past. But in dealing with Evilena, it was a BIG mistake.

As he reached Evilena he grabbed her by the top of the arm. Like lightning, soaked in WD-40 her arm tore loose and she first slapped then hit his face with three quick closed fist blows. He staggered backward, stung.

Evilena rose from her seated position and shifted her feet. As Glenn again stepped forward to show this bitch who was in charge she spun and her foot firmly hit his cheek and he slumped forward. Before he could hit the ground she swung an elbow across his face, and brought up her knee and buried it in the pit of his solar plexus . All this in the blink of an eye.

He fell to the floor , not unconscious, but gasping for breath, unable to move.

Confused, he stared up at this beautiful woman who had just bested him in combat.

Stacy stared at Evilena, amazed.

Evilena contemplated the moment, she HAD hoped for a quiet night and it wasn't even STARTING out that way, she might as well finish it with an interesting diversion.

She gazed directly, hypnotically, deep into Stacy's eyes. Stacy was frozen in time and space. Evilena's bottomless eyes made her feel as thought she was spinning deep into them. And the longer she stared, the deeper she fell. It was like some endless, bottomless well, and she was falling....falling...falling.

" Dear, I won't force you to do anything, there has been too much force in your life already. But if you give to me the gift of your surrender, I can show you what TRUE power exchange means. I can show you what serving a woman that you love and respect MEANS.

And I can show you pleasure you have never even DREAMED of.

She was not in a hypnotic trance, Evilena could have EASILY taken her by that means. But she was ready to surrender to this erotic Goddess she had just met.

Stacy walked forward and moved her face close to Evilena's and the blonde Goddess allowed their lips to touch. Stacy felt the electricity of a dozen lightning bold course through her body and immediately she was moist and ready.

"Yes, Goddess, I WILL go with you."

"Tomorrow we will sort out what will happen with you and this piece of slime, " she said, glancing at the still gasping man before her on the floor. " Perhaps he has learned a lesson and will enter your marriage as a servant to you AND me. but tonight just come with Evilena, my dear, there is MUCH to learn...."

With that she held the dark beauty in her arms and kissed her sensually. Stacy's breath rushed from her body and she nearly fell to the ground from the passion of the kiss.

Glenn just stared UNABLE to do anything about it.

The dark haired beauty walked out of the club behind Evilena, anxious, excited, in love....

      You will love serving me
   Surrender Now Slave.