Payment and Order Information

You may pay for orders, send session deposits or send me tithes using either of the methods listed below.
When ordering items, You should have received an email confirming that your order form has been sent to me. If you have not received this email or are sending payments for any other reason, Contact Me to tell me what your payment is for.
I fully respect your need for discretion so any information you give me will remain confidential unless I am forced by law to give it. Also be advised that you must be 18 or older to receive items from me and that by sending me payment you are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age.
If you have any questions, or you would like to pay me using another method contact me at

Payment Options
Last October my payment processor Paymonde went out of business. I am currently seeking a new payment processor. This is a difficult and tedious process because of all my past problems with internet payment service providers. I am taking the time to thoroughly investigate my options and demand your patience and cooperation. Of course if you have suggestions for alternative means of sending payments email those to me at . Be aware that most internet payment service providers do not allow adult or erotic content.
I am temporarily having a problem with my Moneybookers account. I expect this to be fixed within the next day or two. In the mean time I am only able to accept payments by Amazon Gift Certificate or by US Mail. 
Gift Certificates I have suspended the gratuity requirement with amazon gift certificates for the time being.
Contact Me before sending the gift certificate to verify the amount for your item(s) and to notify me you are sending an order payment through amazon.
Amazon will usually deliver gift certificates within a few hours of payment. Make sure you give your email address in either the "From" section or as part of the optional message on amazon's order form when you send it so I can credit you for your order immediately. Amazon does not automatically list an email address for the sender of an amazon gift certificate.

send to
Checks, Money Orders and Mail
Use this address to send me letters or items by mail. Always contact me for instructions before sending payments by mail. Payments can only be received and credited to you if they are sent properly.
Other Payment Options
If you have experience with another adult friendly payment processor with proven reliability contact me to recommend it. Although they had been a reliable payment processor for over several years, my credit card processor Paymonde is currently behind in it's payouts to my account. Due to this problem I have suspended all use of Paymonde on my sites. Since at this time I do not have a reliable credit card processor I am currently only accepting online payments through moneybookers or amazon gift certificates.
Receiving Items

No shipping for MP3 files

CD & DVD Orders
Shipping Charges

$5 domestic (U.S.A. only)
$10 International (global)

Shipping is via USPS Priority or Global Priority Mail.
If you need a different shipping method or have any questions then
email me
Shipping charges will be adjusted according to estimated costs.

Receiving Items
You will usually receive download instructions for prerecorded MP3 files within a few hours of payment. However If you do not receive this email within 24 hrs then there's a problem. Check your bulk or junk mail folder for a message from me and also make certain your email inbox is not full before emailing me inquiries about your order.

Mail Orders
I ship my CDs and DVDs by USPS Priority Mail(or Global Priority Mail) within 1-3 business days after I receive payment for your order. Most items should arrive within 1-2 weeks for the US and 3-4 weeks international. If it's been longer than this contact me there could be a problem with your order. I normally include labels for my DVDs(unless they are secure) and CDs so email meif you need these excluded. For your discretion, on the return address and customs forms I list myself as E. Lena which is also how you should address mail to me.

Custom Recordings
All custom recordings are individually recorded and carefully edited so allow 3-4 weeks for completion depending on my schedule. I do try to cut this to 2 weeks or less however, this is not always possible.
I will email you again after your recording has been completed to give you download instructions or notify you that I have mailed a CD. If you do not receive this email within 4 weeks then check your bulk or junk mail folder for a message from me.

Everything Else
I will email you at my earliest convenience to confirm receiving your tribute for telephone sessions or live sessions. If your appointment time is approaching and you did not receive this email or it has been longer than 24 hrs then there is a problem. Check your bulk or junk mail folder for a message from me and also make certain your email inbox is not full before emailing me inquiries. For gifts and personal artifacts like sweat socks, the 24 hour rule still holds. If it's been longer than that, make sure my response isn't sitting in your junk mail folder and that you are able to receive email before contacting me.

Trouble Shooting Email Problems
--> Check your Spam(Bulk or Junk) mail folder for my message. If possible, change the Spam setting for my address so that it is not labeled SPAM(Bulk or Junk). Many spam filters will label all email from adult friendly web hosts as spam.
--> Check your inbox and make sure it is not full, check for available memory. If you have a full inbox, you must delete some old mail before you can receive new messages (Start by emptying your Spam folder). Email me once you've done this.
--> If you paid with a different email address than the one on your order form or may have mistyped it Email me
--> Make certain you don't have any parental control settings set to reject email from adult sites. Change these settings then Email Me
--> Occasionally other sporadic problems(most often with web based email like hotmail or yahoo mail) can occur but usually these aren't recurrent. Email me if my message is not in your bulk mail folders and your inbox has available memory.
--> Note: You can have internet access but still have problems receiving mail. If you're not receiving any email then something else is wrong, ranging from an email server being down to software settings. Until you fix this, use a web based email like hotmail or yahoo mail to receive my messages and to test your email account. Send me Email including the email address you used to place your order and the address you sent payment from(if different).
--> If all else fails then use a web based email like hotmail or yahoo mail. Send me Email including the email address you used to place your order and the address you sent payment from(if different).